Today's a Great Day to Schedule a Heart Scan

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a day to celebrate love. However, it's also a day that you might want to think about your health. The things which are traditionally associated with Valentine's Day - including hearts and sweet candies - are important symbols of health. In honor of that symbolism, you might want to think about treating yourself with a little love by calling your doctor and scheduling a preventive heart scan. Heart disease is a serious threat to the health of many Americans. The good news is that much of the disease that occurs can be treated if caught early. However, the bad news is that many people fail to take preventive measures to make sure that this is the case. Don't be one of those sad stories; take care of the health of your heart. After all, you love yourself don't you? Question of the Day: What would cause you to hesitate about getting a heart scan?

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