Women and Heart Disease

heart_diesease_no.1_killer_among_women_scan_blog_Feb2009.jpg Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States, which is why females are trying to bring awareness into the headlines. Unfortunately many women are unaware of their risks or symptoms - which is why heart disease tends to kill women without any notification. Similarly because many women live longer than their male counterparts they are more likely to develop heart disease during their lifetime. Dr. Mathew Budoff a veteran cardiologist told VOA News, "The first step toward fighting the disease among women, Budoff says, is dispelling the misconceptions about it - such as that heart disease only affects men. 'The heart attack rate actually now is higher in women than in men in the United States,' he says. 'More women die of heart attack, more women die of stroke, and more women die of heart failure than men every year in the United States. It's really a female-predominant disease at this point." Budoff goes on to say that women clearly get checked once a year for a mammogram to prevent breast cancer, they should also get their heart checked with virtual EBT heart scans once a year. Early detection is key to preventing heart attacks. The focus really needs to start going on women and better prevention methods, education, and awareness.
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