Concerned About Your Heart? Get a Lung Scan.

If you're concerned about the health of your heart, you have probably considered getting a heart scan. That's important, especially for people with a history of heart disease in the family. But what if you get the heart scan and it reveals that there's nothing wrong with your heart? Your doctor might tell you that you are more or less in the clear but you could have a nagging suspicion that something is still wrong. If the little voice in your head is saying that you still think that your heart is at risk, you may want to consider getting a lung scan. A recent study shows that respiratory infections in the lungs increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The study confirms what doctors had previously thought to be true which is that weakening of the lungs due to respiratory disease or infection is directly correlated with an increased likelihood that the individual will suffer from heart problems. Specifically they found that an infection in the lungs doubles the risk of strokes and heart attacks in the first week. The risk stays high through one month following the onset of respiratory infection. (You can read about the study in full here.) Although the study is specific to respiratory infections, it demonstrates a link in the body between the lungs and the heart. When the lungs are weakened, the heart is put at risk. If you've got a history of respiratory problems in your family, a lung scan could reveal vulnerabilities. This information can assist you in preventive treatments not just for your lungs but also for the health of your heart. Question of the Day: Did you previously know about the link between respiratory infection and heart attacks? photo link
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