Hormone Therapies and Lung Cancer

hormone_therapy_and_lung_cancer_scan_Blog_June09.jpg Researchers have found a link between female hormone therapies and increased risks of lung cancer. Post-menopausal women and those going through menopause generally take hormone's to ease the hot flashes and struggles associated with menopause. WebMD said, "New findings from the landmark Women's Health Initiative study show that women with non-small cell lung cancer are 59% more likely to die from the disease if they take combined estrogen and progestin. The risk was particularly high for smokers: There was one avoidable death from non-small cell lung cancer for every 100 women who both smoked and took hormone therapy over eight years, the study showed." Lung cancer has always been considered one of the most fatal cancers, however doctors have urged high-risk patients (smokers especially) to get checked via virtual scans regularly with hopes of early detection and prevention. This may mean that post-menopausal women who took hormone therapies should also get checked.

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