Lung Cancer Awareness

lung_cancer_scan_blog_Mar09.jpg We always take note of breast cancer awareness month and heat disease month, but for some reason lung cancer awareness is always shunned or not publicized. Some say this is because the numbers of lung cancer survivors are so low. This may be true, alongside the fact that the stigma attached to lung cancer is smoking. Regardless of why someone has or has had lung cancer, we need to start spreading the awareness and education because over 500 people a day are diagnosed with lung cancer. The best possible form of treatment is successful when caught early, meaning we have to educate the public about prevention and early detection via virtual CT scans. Two San Francisco based women are starting an awareness foundation, "launched an edgy new ad campaign designed to educate the public. Billboards and bus signs are now up in five major U.S. cities - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York - using space donated by CBS Outdoor, an advertising division of CBS. "Lung cancer is so underfunded, and these billboards have been designed to stop people and make them think," Von Driska says." During tough financial times it is obvious not many people can afford or have the luxury to constantly get checked up, however it is vital that if you are of high risk you do allocate and budget the money for preventative screening methods. Don't be one of the 500 unlucky people a day diagnosed.

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