Lung Cancer Awareness Going Global

lung_cancer_awareness_scan_blog_Feb09.jpg The US has always pioneered the way for medical awareness, whether its heart disease or cancer, we have paved the way for other westernised countries to follow our lead. This week Australia has jumped on the lung cancer awareness bandwagon. Typically very active and healthy people Aussies have long been known to applaud awareness - their infamous Movember parties - benefiting and raising awareness for prostate cancer is a huge hit nationwide. This week we are hearing reports that research institutions are trying to increase awareness for lung cancer. Over 8,000 new cases of lung cancer are detected each year in Australia - part of which is because the culture is known for a smoking lifestyle. This new study and recent awareness stimulus is hoping to increase the use of early detection methods - EBT and CT scans - to prevent lung cancer. The idea is to get doctors and hospitals on board to send patients to get scanned yearly with hopes of catching cancer at its early stages - the more treatable stages.

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