New Lung Imaging Technology Relies on Illumination

Lung cancer and other diseases of the lungs are of great concern to a large portion of the population. It is currently most common to check for these problems using a CT lung scan. However, new technology has been developed by researchers at the University of Sheffield which may have the potential to offer more accurate information than the lung scan. The new technology uses innovative light imaging in combination with an MRI scan to show doctors the function of the lungs. The patient inhales harmless gases which are then hyper-polarized using lasers. The air spaces in the lungs are revealed by looking at images on the MRI. Researchers will continue to study this technology to see if it can be effectively used as a preventive method in the future. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Why has it taken so long to move forward from using the traditional lung scan if other technologies may be more efficient?

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