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lung_cancer_scan_blog_Feb09.jpg As we all clearly know smoking cigarettes is the leading reason for why people develop lung cancer, but researchers have just found that Radon Gas has been identified as the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths. "With an estimated 8 million U.S. homes affected, The Surgeon General of the United States is recommending that all homes be tested for this invisible killer. Radon is a gas that is formed naturally when uranium in rock, soil and groundwater breaks down. The Radon gas then finds its way up to the surface. Unlike other forms of pollution or dangerous gasses, you can neither see nor smell Radon" The gas is virtually not a problem outdoors, however older homes with mediocre insulation leave homeowners and guests at high risk for developing cancer. So for those of you living in areas of Radon Gas it may be beneficial to get a virtual heart scan yearly.

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