Veteran Lung Scan

Verteran_scan_blog_august09.JPG Over 500 New Mexico veterans have signed on for a new program to scan for early detection of lung cancer. Biomoda Inc, the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services, and the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology are all involved in this state-funded screening based on new technology by Biomoda. The veteran participants are screened with Biomoda's CyPath(r) technology and then the results are compared to CT scans and PAP stains. "This study will help us move the CyPath(r) technology closer to FDA approval and commercialization, bringing a non-invasive, accurate, and inexpensive tool for detecting cancer to market. The health benefits of the Biomoda diagnostic are obvious and have worldwide implications" explained the president of Biomoda. Over 100 of the participants have already been screened. Veterans and the armed forces have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. One purpose of the study is to spread awareness to veterans of the importance for early detection of the disease and hopefully find a more efficient method to do so.

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