Women and Smoking

women_smoking_Apr09.jpg The BBC has reported that an average of 17 people die each week in Northern Ireland. The study also said that annually nearly 1000 people are diagnose with lung cancer in Northern Island, predominantly caused by poor smoking habits. These numbers seem astronomically high especially if a large proportion is affecting the youth population. The BBC article said, "Young women are still smoking too much, warned the report compiled by the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry and Queen's University Belfast. The survey looked at the experiences of more than 2,200 lung cancer patients over the course of a decade from 1996 to 2006. It found there were fewer cases among men under 65 but not for women in this age group." Though the numbers may not be as drastically high as those noted in Ireland, lung cancer still remains a serious issue in the US as well. More and more people are beginning to take initiative and get regular yearly lung scans, especially those of which who are high risk candidates like smokers.

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