Breast MRI isn't a Cure-All but it is Important

The breast cancer MRI was considered to be one of the major medical advances achieved in 2007. This form of screening is done after a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is believed to provide a more accurate picture of the extent of the disease and to therefore guide treatment decisions made between doctors and patients. However, the breast MRI isn't right for everyone. A recent study has shown that the breast cancer MRI does not improve breast-conservation treatment in certain women. "Women who have received radiation therapy for early-stage invasive breast carcinoma or ductal carcinoma in situ" may benefit from the breast MRI in determining the extent of the cancer but this will not assist them in saving the breast. This doesn't indicate that there is anything wrong with the breast MRI. Indeed, more information is always better when determining treatment options. The breast MRI provides exactly that - increased access to important medical information. However, it's not a cure-all for cancer, just a diagnostic tool to assist in prevention and treatment. Question of the Day: Do you find it to be disappointing news that the breast MRI doesn't help with breast conservation? photo link

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