Developing Standards for Breast MRI Use

In recent months, doctors have come to realize that the breast MRI can be incredibly useful in screening for breast cancer. The breast MRI is even starting to become a recommended screening exam for certain types of women who are at high risk for the disease. However, standards have not yet been determined regarding the use of the breast MRI. A new study exploring how doctors are using the breast MRI - and how patients are benefitting from it - aims to start the discussion of setting those standards. The study found that doctors across the nation are indeed using the breast MRI. At the current time, it is primarily being used to further assess the extent of the disease once a mammogram has indicated that there could be breast cancer. The procedure may be used immediately following an abnormal mammogram or may be used later in the treatment process for this additional information to be determined. Question of the Day: How should the medical community go about setting up standards for the use of the breast MRI? photo link

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