Gallbladder Scan

gallblader_scan_blog_august09.JPG There are many diagnostic scans available to help determine the source of medical problems and to assess the best treatment options. A gallbladder scan is suggested for patients whose symptoms (such as jaundice) may be the cause of a dysfunction in the gallbladder. During the test, a radioactive fluid is injected into the arm vein. The scanner can then detect how the fluid is circulating through the body, liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts. The test takes about 2 hours, with the participant lying very still. After the fluid is dispersed in the body, a cholecystokinin will be injected to stimulate the gallbladder. Pictures will be taken during the scan to assess if the gallbladder if functioning properly. According to the Examiner, "the results are generally given in a percentage, as in the percentage of solution that is released in the time given. Most doctors feel that anything below 35%-40% is a sign of gallbladder dysfunction, with 70%-75% being normal." After assessing the results, physicians may choose to operate and remove the gallbladder if they deem necessary.

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