Men Must Be Pushed to Get Health Screening

Both men and women need to get preventive health screening. The types of screening that are necessary vary by gender but both sexes need to make regular appointments to get annual screening if they want to prevent disease through early detection and treatment. Unfortunately, it's a lot more common for women to go ahead and get this type of medical care than for their male counterparts to do so. There are several reasons that women may be more open to getting annual health screening than men are. For one thing, women are just used to getting this type of medical care since they tend to see their gynecologists on a regular basis for annual health screening. To add in other kinds of preventive imaging throughout their lives doesn't seem like a big leap. Men, who are less likely to see doctors in general, may find it difficult to start incorporating preventive health care into their lives. Additionally, men may take a macho approach to the whole process. They don't want to go to a doctor unless they're practically on the verge of death because they don't want to be seen as weak and in need of care. This causes them to put off those appointments until a time when it may be too late. When not nipped in the bud, diseases spread and may become untreatable. As a result, it is important for the medical community to educate men as to the importance of preventive health care. Learn more about the preventive imaging gender differences between men and women here. Question of the Day: Would you be more or less likely to get annual screening if you were the gender opposite of what you really are? photo link
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