MRI Advances Could Speed Up Technology

The MRI is a terrific imaging tool that is able to provide important diagnostic information to doctors and their patients. Unfortunately, most patients don't like getting the MRI scan. It's not a painful procedure but it's one that requires holding still for long periods of time which can be uncomfortable for some patients, especially those who are in a position to be particularly worried about the results of the exam. New advances in the technology have now been made which may speed up the process and make it much more efficient and easy on patients. The new technology is fairly complex but it boils down to changes in the way that the imaging process takes place. It relies on changes in temperature which ultimately allows for a much stronger signal to take place which means that imaging can occur at a significantly faster pace than before without compromising the quality of the images. To do so this, the standard MRI technology has been combined with a related field of technology (nuclear magnetic resonance, NMR) to develop a new machine. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Would you be more comfortable getting an MRI scan if you knew the process would be a quick one? photo link
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