MRI Study Shows Brain Lesions Common in Seniors

You would probably be pretty terrified if you received news from your doctor that you had lesions in your brain. If you were then told that these lesions (called cerebral microbleeds) "likely reflect cerebrovascular pathology and may be associated with an increased risk of cerebrovascular problems" you would probably feel a bit of a sense of panic. It sounds like something awful - and indeed it might be - but a new MRI study shows that these brain lesions may be far more common than originally thought. The study used brain scans to determine the development of these lesions in people aged sixty and over. At age 60, there was just under a twenty percent likelihood that the patient would have these lesions. Ten years later, the risk percentage had doubled. This seems to indicate that the aging brain may be at risk for cerebral microbleeds. Learn more about this issue here. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in a preventive imaging brain scan? photo link
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