MRIs are Getting Bigger and Better

MRI scan technology is on its way to rapid advancement. The battle between makers of this technology is being called "the tesla wars". That's because the most important piece of technology in the MRI scanner is the magnet, a piece measured in Teslas. Most MRI scanners today are operating in the 1-3 Tesla range. However, it's possible to use scanning technology with up to 60 Tesla power in certain research situations. (Learn more here.) Technology makers are trying to utilize this advanced technology to create marketable MRI scanners that are in the 10 Tesla power range. The advances in technology will allow doctors and researchers to see within the body at a deeper level. Different atomic structures as well as different bodily functions could be studied using the new machinery. However, this machinery is more expensive than what is currently being used and may be slow to see adoption. Question of the Day: Would you be comfortable moving to a more advanced MRI at the recommendation of your doctor? photo link
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