New Imaging May Help Us Understand Cancer Better

Research engineers at MIT have been able to work with a new type of imaging machine that could give the medical community tremendous insights into the nature and onset of cancer. The new imaging machine is capable of identifying the number and location of mutant cells inside of tissue - something that we have never been able to see before. Cancer is a mutation of the cells. By learning more about the way that mutant cells form and work, medical experts may be able to figure out specifically what causes different types of cancer and how the disease develops. This could lead to prevention, treatment and perhaps even a cure for one or more kinds of cancer. One of the things found in the study was that a majority of mutated cells were formed in clusters which indicates that the cells cause damage to one another once they begin to mutate. This and other indications will require further research using the advanced imaging now available for this purpose. Question of the Day: What will medical experts do with the information once they learn how cells mutate? photo link
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