Scans Could Find More Victims of McCullom Lake Cancer Suits

The Northwest Herald is in the midst of a six-part series reporting their six-month investigation into an Illinois cancer lawsuit. Part One of the series was released on Sunday and gives an overview of the history of the litigation which is being brought by area residents who believe that toxic chemical pollution has caused their loved ones to die of rare cancers. The article profiles a few of the litigants in the case who suffer from rare brain cancer tumors which were discovered too late by brain scans to save their lives. The belief is that toxic chemicals contaminating villages and well water in the area are the cause of the cancer. This has led to individual lawsuits against the companies which are polluting the area. It has also lead to a class action lawsuit which is still pending court review. The Northwest Herald is bringing the issue to the attention of area residents with its in-depth report. Those people who live in the affected area have good reason to consider getting a brain scan or even a full body scan to determine whether or not they have been affected by the pollution. These scans could assist residents in litigation against the defendants. More importantly, these scans could save lives. Catching the problem early on is crucial to treating it. Question of the Day: What role do you believe preventive imaging should play in litigation such as this? photo link
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