When Your Breast Scan Reveals Only Tiny Tumors

Do you have a reason to worry if you get a breast scan and only tiny tumors are found? Maybe. A new study reveals that even tiny tumors (less than one centimeter in size) may be devastating to your health and could require aggressive treatment as soon as they are discovered. Previously, tumors of this size were not studied extensively and their treatment has been left up to the discretion of individual doctors. The study suggests that perhaps a more extensive treatment plan is necessary for small breast tumors. The study found that the amount of devastation that breast cancer tumors wreak on the body is related not only to the size of the tumors. Following breast cancer patients for three years, researchers were able to determine that two different types of breast cancer are affected by other indications within the body. Those indications, when present, could require more aggressive treatment. However, the study was small and researchers say that additional research is necessary before clear guidelines on treating these cancers may be recommended. One thing that you can do if your breast scan or mammogram reveals small tumors is to get a breast MRI. It has been shown recently that the breast MRI is crucial in helping you and your doctor determine the right type of treatment for your cancer. With additional information, your doctor is better able to advise you about the right course of treatment for problems discovered during preventive scans. Question of the Day: Would the discovery of a small breast tumor cause you to panic?

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