Why the MRI is Always in Sports News

People who follow sports news probably know that the MRI is frequently used to determine the extent of an athlete's injuries after an accident has taken place. However, most people don't really know what an MRI does and why it's used in cases like these. The MRI scan is able to determine many different aspects of an injury. Like an X-ray, it can determine if there are fractures in certain bones in the body. More importantly, it can provide additional detailed information about any damage that has been done to the tendons, ligaments or cartilage of the body. It can also determine if an infection or tumor in the body caused the area to be more prone to sensitivity. The MRI is used because it provides the most information to doctors about the condition of the body. An athlete must be in tip top shape in order to be at the top of his or her game. The MRI helps make sure that athletes don't get back on the court or field before their bodies are ready. Question of the Day: Whart sports do you know of where MRIs are used to detect injuries? photo link
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