Will MA Court Mandate MRI?

A Massachusetts fraud case is held up in court while a judge decides whether or not to mandate that the defendant undergo an MRI. Kathrine Wieder used to be the chief forensic investigator for the state. She left the position in 2005 when 44 fraud and theft charges were brought against her as a result of her failure to inspect bodies before sending them off to cremation. During the course of these lawsuits, Wieder began to complain about anxiety and medical problems related to multiple sclerosis. She claims that these problems make her unfit to stand trial. The prosecutor in the case wants the court to order an MRI scan of Wieder's brain to determine whether or not she has MS. She has not previously had an MRI.
"Given her history, this is a surprising omission, as MRIs are recognized as valuable tools in establishing or confirming the diagnosis and assessing for disease progression."
The MRI brain scan is frequently used in the MS diagnosis. In this case, it could determine if Wieder does indeed have the disease. More importantly, it could help determine how far along that disease is, assisting medical examiners in determining whether or not she is fit to stand trial. The judge hasn't yet determined whether or not she should court-order an MRI for this purpose. Her decision should come within the next week or so. photo link
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