Women Urged to Get Breast Cancer Screening Every 3 Years Through Age 75

The topic of screening for breast cancer is one of hot debate right now. The main thing that researchers are arguing is what type of screening is best for which type of patients. With advances in breast MRI technology, many believe that the typical mammogram should be supplemented with a breast MRI. And some say that women may even need FDG-PET/CT scans to supplement the MRI information. But those are for cases in which women are already diagnosed with breast cancer or have a high likelihood of getting it. What about the average woman who doesn't have a family history of breast cancer and just wants to keep herself safe with the basic minimum required screening? New studies suggest that this woman should be fine with just the standard mammogram. Moreover, she probably doesn't need to get it every year as is commonly suggested but may be fine with just a once-every-three-years mammogram ritual. And how long into her life should she keep getting these? The research says that this is an effective method of preventing breast cancer through the age of seventy five. Of course, you shouldn't make your own medical decisions based solely on this research. Your unique medical condition and family history may alter the recommendations for your own breast cancer screening so work with your doctor to figure out a screening type and schedule that is right for your needs. Question of the Day: How late into life were you planning to continue annual mammograms? photo link

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