5 Preventive Scans Make List of Top Cancer Prevention Methods

A recent news report that provided readers with tips for preventing cancer highlighted the importance of getting regular preventive imaging screening done. Although individuals may vary in the types of cancer screening that they need to have completed, there were five basic exams that were recommended in this report. For women, it was recommended that the annual breast exam and cervix exam be done without fail (something most women have known about for years). For men, the prostate exam was listed as a test that must be done regularly. And for both genders, colon cancer screening and skin cancer screening ranked high on the list of things that you can do to protect yourself from cancer. The news report emphasizes the fact that cancer is not solely a genetic disease. It is something which you can control to some degree by properly taking care of yourself. Getting preventive screening done is a big part of that self-care. Question of the Day: Which scan do you consider to be most important for people to get regularly in order to prevent cancer? photo link
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