Ageism, Strokes and Scans

fmri_ageism_scan_blog_Apr09.jpg A study in the UK is showing that many healthcare clinics are shunning aging stroke patients. The notion of ageism has taken ground in the UK health system according to some reports. The study which was reported on by the Telegraph said that younger stroke patients are given more follow-up MRI scans and treatments as opposed to more senior patients. The Telegraph story said, "They were also "significantly" more likely to be given advice on how to lose weight and other lifestyle tips to reduce their chances of suffering another stroke, despite evidence that older patients benefit as much from such advice. Last year a study by Oxford University showed that ageism was preventing many elderly people from receiving heart treatments, including clot-busting drugs, routinely given to younger patients." Strokes are generally one of the top three killers in Britain and the US, and often stroke patients are left disabled after the debilitating disease. Meaning a large portion of those left disabled need physio treatment and rehabilitation, but are sadly not given such treatments.
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