Atlanta Law Firms Implement Preventive Scans for Their Employees

Stress can lead to a significant number of health problems. The life of a lawyer is filled with stress. The logical leap then is that the life of a lawyer can lead to a significant number of health problems. Many of these problems can, of course, be detected early if the lawyer is vigilant about preventive health care and disease screening. However, since lawyers are busy people, that prevention doesn't always take priority in their lives. Some firms in Atlanta are working to change that. The firms are encouraging all of their employees over the age of forty to get regular screening done. They're recommending the use of fast track executive health care which allows the patient to go to just one appointment and get a variety of informative tests done. The basic blood work and annual physical is combined with things like cancer screening. Based on results, which come back immediately, the doctor may recommend additional screening, such as an MRI or CT scan, which can also be donein the same day. Law firms want their lawyers to be at work not at the doctor. But they also want them healthy enough to be able to keep working for years to come. Combining preventive care with fast track medicine, they can meet these goals. Question of the Day: Would you go to a fast track appointment? photo link
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