Calcium Scan for Breast Cancer?

If you're a woman, especially an older woman, you know that you need to be watching your calcium levels. You don't want to increase your risk of osteoporosis because you have low calcium levels. You might even have had a calcium scan done in the past so that you could be knowledgeable about your own calcium levels in order to assist with your osteoporosis prevention. But did you know that low calcium also increases the spread of breast cancer to the bone? If you are a woman who is currently fighting off breast cancer, you want to be particularly careful to keep those calcium levels up.
"Calcium deficiency, due either to low calcium in the diet or to vitamin D deficiency, is very common in older women, who are also the population at highest risk of breast cancer and breast cancer bone metastases," lead researcher Dr. Colin R. Dunstan pointed out to Reuters Health."
The information linking low calcium deficiency with increased rates of breast cancer migration to the bone comes from studies recently completed in Australia. The studies further confirmed that proper treatment of the calcium deficiency does work to counteract the problem, reducing breast tumors in the bone and decreasing the spread of growth. Women who are at high risk of breast cancer should be taking particular cautions to maintain their calcium levels. Of course, all women should be taking preventative health measures by getting their daily dose of calcium anyway. photo link
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