Imaging Experts Should Invest in 3D Technology

3D technology can be immensely helpful to imaging experts when properly used according to a new report about the issue. The report shows that clinicians and others in the medical field expect 3D technology to be used in imaging. However, it also showed that the technology needs to be properly used *or* it significantly diminishes the value of having it. This makes sense, what good is great technology if you can''t use it right? The report revealed information about the fact that radiologists are required to provide more than just written information to clinicians and others with whom they work. They really need to provide great visuals that enhance the information that they are offering. Failure to do this has the potential to alienate others in the industry. The main key to making sure that this happens is to invest in 3D technology and to invest in a management team to properly operate and oversee that technology. It is less important to have every single individual on a team trained to use the technology perfectly than it is to make sure that there is a management group in place which can monitor the use of all of this type of equipment. Question of the Day: Is 3D technology a necessity for preventive imaging today? photo link
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