New Buise-Detection Technology Could Improve Front-Line Medical Response

There have recently been advances made in the area of biomedical technology which have allowed for the development of bruise-detection equipment. This equipment can be easily used by professionals who are not trained in imaging to assess the seriousness of bruising. This means that it will be important to front-line clinicians who can prevent trauma in hospitals and medical centers by using the technology to identify problems before they become high-risk.
"The new, single-exposure imaging tool could significantly improve point-of-care medical and forensic imaging by empowering front line clinicians with no specialized training to detect and assess, in real-time, the severity of bruises and erythema, regardless of patient skin pigmentation or available lighting." (source)
These types of medical advances are important not only for the immediate purpose that they serve but also because of the implications that they have for the future. Putting more immediate preventive care in the hands of non-trained professionals through the use of improved easy-to-use technology is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of patient care. As hospitals become overcrowded, it becomes necessary to allow other professionals in the setting more ability to work directly with patients. Giving these people the power to use imaging technology that provides important medical information is going to make disease prevention and treatment more efficient and effective. Question of the Day: What purposes do you think bruise-detection imaging technology can serve? photo link
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