Possible New Cancer Treatment Test

cancertrtmnttest_scan_blog_june09.jpg The New York Times reported today of a possible new cancer attacking treatment which has come from researchers in Australia. The test has proven to be promising and effective when tested on animals. Doctors not only in Australia, but in the US are thrilled at the prospect because later down the line such treatments could mean patients wouldn't have to undergo painstaking chemotherapy treatments. The New York Times article said, "The EnGeneIC researchers said they had conducted successful safety tests in a large number of monkeys and will start safety trials in patients with all kinds of solid tumors in three Melbourne hospitals next month. They said they had discussed licensing their technology with large pharmaceutical companies and others." However many doctors are still wary of promoting such treatments too soon as many in the past have been ineffective on humans after positive trials on animals. Still the best way to prevent cancers is to have proper preventative screening methods which promote early detection, especially for treatable (if caught early enough) cancers like colon cancer.
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