Researchers Recommend Improved Imaging for Beating the Blood-Brain Barrier

A group of medical researchers has made some forward motion in treating brain disorders by reocmmending a series of steps to be implemented. These steps are designed around tackling an area of brain disease research that has been plaguing medical researchers for some time. That area is the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is basically what it sounds like; a barrier of cells designed to protect the brain. On the plus side, it keeps damaging substances out of the brain so that it can work properly. On the negative side, it makes it difficult for doctors to treat brain disease because it blocks out medicine. The researchers have come up with a series of suggestions geared towards beating the blood-brain barrier problem. If accomplished, this would allow doctors to treat numerous disorders affecting the brain (such as Alzheimer's). The suggestions are based on six different areas of damage to the brain, including such things as brain tumors and brain injuries. What was determined was that in order to treat many of these six areas, it is necessary to develop better imaging techniques. For example, when it comes to brain tumors, advanced imagine that can better delineate the tumor's size, type, and location would better determine treatment. Furthermore, they suggest that imaging should be able to track the progress of treatment. You can learn the details of this research here. Question of the Day: Is imaging the problem when it comes to beating the blood-brain barrier? photo link
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