Scans to be Part of Healthcare Reform

Healthcare_reform_scan_blog_august09.JPG New healthcare reforms are currently under discussion in regards to the utilization of medical imaging scans. These reforms may limit the Medicare payments for these tests. As a result, the number of tests completed may decrease. The use of diagnostic imaging has gained popularity in the past few years, even despite recent reports that over-scanning can be harmful to one's health. According to the Wall Street Journal, the legislation under review will increase the assumed percentage of patients being prescribed the scans from 50% currently to 75%. If this occurs, critics believe that Medicare will pay less for patient scans due to the higher utilization rate. Critics say that boosting the assumed utilization rate will hurt smaller hospitals were the equipment is used less frequently. The legislation may restrict medical imaging, but is not intended to halter technological growth. Critics of the legislation believe that growth in technology and use is being confused for over-utilization. Both sides of the issue will be speaking out as the legislation comes closer to being finalized.
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