PET Scan for Colon Cancer Patients

Anyone who is familiar with the basic screening recommended for all adults knows that colon cancer screening is considered highly important and that the main method used in the United States for completing this type of screening is the virtual colonoscopy. What is just now emerging is that those patients who get screened and are found to have colon cancer can benefit greatly from the use of an additional scan, the PET scan, in guiding the treatment of the disease. The information comes out of a study conducted in Australia which was designed to increase health care coveraeg for colon cancer patients who need PET scans to improve their prognosis. The study completed for this purpose found that those patients who received PET scan diagnosis in addition to the initial screening that found the colon cancer were patients who were significantly more likely to see successful treatment results. The details of the study are available here. Question of the Day: What percentage of colon cancer patients should be using PET scan technology to aid their treatment?

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