PET Scans may be more Widely Used in Australia

In a large institutional study about the impact of PET Scans (position emission tomography), Australian researchers found that people with colorectal cancer adjusted their treatments based on results from their PET results. In fact the treating physicians changed their disease management plan for 65% of cases studied. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine released the study reporting,

"…this study confirmed the important role PET plays in the decision-making process of patients with colorectal cancer and the impact of PET on both the management and outcome of disease."

More and more physicians are pushing for PET virtual body, heart and colon scans to be more available and widely spread around Australia - much like the United States. These researchers hope that physicians will refer their patients to scanning clinics for preventative measures. If you are interested in learning more about PETs and other available preventative imaging scans go to for extensive information and locations for physicians in your area.

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