PET Scans Usually Change Colon Cancer Treatment

There are some people who get colon cancer but they catch it early, treat it and can move on with their lives with no additional problems. Then there are some people who have to battle multiple recurrences of colon cancer. People in both categories benefit greatly from colon cancer screening but perhaps it is truer for the latter category of people than for the former. One of the things that has been discovered recently is that people who have recurring colon cancer should be strongly urged to get PET scans to determine the proper treatment for the colon cancer. The study showed that PET scans usually lead to changes in treatment that improve outcomes and results for the patients. When you are struggling with a disease that may keep coming back and which is as fatal as colon cancer, it is critically important that you have all of the information about the disease that you can possibly have. The PET scan could be the best method of obtaining this information in the case of recurring colon cancer. Question of the Day: Should PET scans be recommended to all colon cancer patients? photo link
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