The Future of PET Scans

The PET scan is a type of imaging procedure which was first developed in the late 1950's. It began to see use in the medical community in the 1970's and has grown steadily in its importance to the industry since that time. Although there are always new imaging techniques emerging, the PET scan remains a leading tool for the medical community to diagnose and prevent diseases of all kinds. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a leading treatment facility in Los Angeles, is just one place that's regularly used the PET scan to meet a variety of needs. In a recent article, a doctor from Cedars-Sinai took a look at the future of the PET scan with particular emphasis on its function as a tool for assessing heart disease. Ultimately, what seems to be the case is that PET will continue to be important for years to come. Although there are likely to be changes made that will alter how PET scans are done (increasing their efficiency even more over time), the basic foundation is a good one from which the medical community will continue to build. Learn more here. Question of the Day: How important do you think the PET scan is in the medical community in comparison to other scans such as the MRI? photo link
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