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The most significant advances in diagnostic medicine today are in the area of medical imaging. ‘Virtual’ examinations of internal organs are now a reality. Technology alone, however, does not provide better outcomes for patients.

The skill and experience of physicians is necessary to help patients transform this new information into a useful, cohesive plan. At Virtual Imaging Inc, we recognize the importance of this relationship. We provide accurate information; your physician provides the appropriate treatment.  And that's only part of why you should choose Virtual Imaging Inc.

Physician Profile

H. Thomas Hight, M.D
Dr. Hight is a graduate of Auburn University and received his medical degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham. He completed his internship at the UT/BMH program in Memphis, and his internal medicine residency at BMH. While working asa a general internist in an endocrinology group, Dr. Hight served as Clinical Instructor in the Division of Internal Medicine at the University of Colorado Center for the Health Sciences. Dr. Hight's focus on preventing cardiovascular events was forged while working as a general internist in a cardiology group in Marietta, Georgia. He currently practices internal medicine in Towne Lake and serves as the Medical Director of Virtual Imaging Inc.   

Jason Reingold, M.D
Dr. Reingold is is a Harvard trained cardiologist. His advanced and unique clinical and research training, place him at the forefront of advanced care in the areas of preventative cardiology and women's heart disease. He also employs the latest innovative techniques to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, arrhythmias and heart failure. Additionally, Dr. Reingold serves as a principal investigator for both office and hospital based clinical trials. Dr. Reingold is well published in the medical literature and is a frequently invited guest speaker and lecturer.

Services Provided

The EBCT C300 scanner, developed by Imatron technologies, is the latest generation of diagnostic CT technology. The C300 uses patented technology called Electron Beam Computed Tomography (EBCT), a highly advance CT technology that has no moving parts. Using an electron beam rather than the standard CT x-ray tube, imaging is done at speeds up to 10 times faster and with 1/10 the radiation of other CT scanners.

Advances in imaging make the C300 the 'gold standard' in heart and vascular imaging, and also allows high resolution spine, and abdominal imaging.
*The C300 is non-invasive, open, and safe, and emits the lowest radiation in the CT industry and it is the only imaging technology to offer 33, 50, or 100 millisecond (ms) True Temporal Resolution, images at up to 30 frames per second. This type of capability is important because the fastest possible scan modes are required to image high and/or irregular heartbeats often associated with patients with developing or advanced heart disease.

The C300 unique capabilities enable the scanner to perform high-speed, high-volume (using very low radiation) imaging to create virtually motion-free visualization of the heart, vessels and all organs in the torso, allowing  our specialist to see premature, pre-symptomatic heart and vascular disease, lung cancer, colon cancers,  other cancers, and abnormalities.

These 'diseases', which are preventable/curable when detected early, account for 90% of the causes of death, disability, or loss of productivity in adult men and women over the age of 40. These diseases share common origins or 'risk factors' and common prevention/wellness strategies. Who will interpret my scan? A board certified trained radiologist reads your scan and offers a report to you and your physician upon your request.

Virtual Imaging Inc, specializes in EBT scanning in Atlanta. Services include testing for Cardiovascular Disease, Colon Cancer, and Lung Cancer.
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