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CT Scan Questions

Why would my body get extremely hot during a CT scan?
CT Scan -1 answer
I have had several CT scans since 2011 due to cancer and follow-ups. I experienced a small feeling of warmth when it got to the bladder area, and this happened each time. On Thursday, I had another one done at ... Read more
What to wear for a CT Scan
CT Scan -1 answer
Would is the appropriate clothing to wear during a CT Scan? Would I have to remove any clothing? Read more
Can I take benedryl before my CT scan?
CT Scan -1 answer
I am allergic to certain dyes, and my doctor wants to do a CT scan, should I inform him of this? Can I take benedryl beforehand? Read more
Are medications safe to use during a CT scan?
CT Scan -1 answer
I am claustrophobic and can't stay enclosed spaces for a long time, Can my doctor prescribe something for me before I take a CT Scan? Is ativan or zoloft okay to use? Read more

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