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Heart Scan Questions

Are there significant risks involved with a heart scan?
Heart Scan -1 answer
I am female, 65 with a history of high cholesterol & high blood pressure. I had a heart scan through a walk in offer. No one explained any risk involved & I am now worried after researching. What risks are in... Read more
Uncertaintity about something in my lungs after having a heart scan. Have to wait 3 months?
Heart Scan -1 answer
I had a heart scan and the tech said that there was something in my lungs. He said that it could just be the way I was laying and would need to look again in three months! Why the wait? Why is it possible that ... Read more
Are there non-invasive heart and artery scans?
Heart Scan -1 answer
I am looking for the most accurate scan for checking the heart and the arteries for narrowing because of plaque or blockage, but without risk of radiation such as with CT scans. It needs to be low cost or cove... Read more

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