Beware of MRI Accidents

It is not uncommon to get an MRI at your local hospital or doctors' office. This scanning technology is used for many different types of ailments from sports injuries to vague health concerns. However, you should know that some doctors aren't on top of their stuff when it comes to the MRI. The Joint Commission of Oakbrook, IL has issued a reportwarning people that MRI accidents are steadily increasing.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received nearly 400 reports of MRI-related accidents over the past decade. Over 70% of these were burns, while 10% occurred when metal objects became "missiles" when pulled into the scanner's magnetic field. (source)

Stronger MRI magnets and a higher level of anesthesia seem to contribute to the increase in accidents. It should be noted that these numbers are relatively small in comparison with the number of MRI scans done annually. A smart patient will not be afraid of the MRI but will take precautions to make sure that technicians are alert and aware during the procedure. Question of the Day: What precautions would you take to protect yourself from a bad MRI experience? photo link

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