Strongest Modern MRI Deemed Safe

It's been mentioned here in the past that there's a competition in the world of MRI manufacturing to create the biggest and best MRI imaging machine. Because the magnets of MRIs are measured in Teslas, this competition is often called "the Tesla wars". And it appears that the 9.4 Tesla MRI has won its latest battle. The machine has been deemed safe after three years of trials to make sure that it could proceed to be used.

"The powerful MRI will soon provide physicians with a real-time view of biological processes in the human brain at an unprecedented level of detail."

It is believed that this increased detail will make it possible for doctors to offer better treatment to their patients. They may be able to diagnose diseases in earlier stages in order to make prevention and treatment more successful. They may also be able to use the new MRI to learn more about the human brain in order to develop additional methods of treatment for many types of disease. It was necessary to conduct safety trials because the strength of the machine can cause side effects for patients. There is always concern about safety when increasing this strength. Extensive studies revealed that the difference in side effects between this machine and MRIs currently in use was minimal and the machine was determined to be safe. Question of the Day: Would you have any hesitations about using the new MRI because of its enhanced strength?

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