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Are small veins and arteries in the brain that cause shaking a problem?
Brain Scan - 1 answer
I have had shaking hands and some forgetfulness in the last three months. I had a brain scan two weeks ago. My doctor said they had been that way since I was born. Is this an issue, and do I need to see an neu... Read more
Are there non-invasive heart and artery scans?
Heart Scan - 1 answer
I am looking for the most accurate scan for checking the heart and the arteries for narrowing because of plaque or blockage, but without risk of radiation such as with CT scans. It needs to be low cost or cove... Read more
Would a brain scan uncover causes of vertigo?
Brain Scan - 1 answer
I have seen a neurology specialist and an ENT regarding symptoms of vertigo. I can't focus or walk, I have nausea, and I am vomiting out of control. I have a headache on the left side only. Do I need an MRI sca... Read more
Why would my body get extremely hot during a CT scan?
CT Scan - 1 answer
I have had several CT scans since 2011 due to cancer and follow-ups. I experienced a small feeling of warmth when it got to the bladder area, and this happened each time. On Thursday, I had another one done at ... Read more
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Are there significant risks involved with a heart scan?
Heart Scan - 1 answer
I am female, 65 with a history of high cholesterol & high blood pressure. I had a heart scan through a walk in offer. No one explained any risk involved & I am now worried after researching. What risks are in... Read more
Can you wear soft contact lenses while having a bone density scan?
Bone Density - 1 answer
I have a bone density scan scheduled. Can I wear my soft contact lenses? Read more

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