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Level 2 CTA Training

Level 2 CTA Training for Cardiologists and Radiologists.

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Finding a Scan Clinic is a nationwide network of scanning facilities offering heart scans, lung scans, body scans, bone density scans and virtual colonoscopy scans. To find a clinic near you please enter your zip code in the box below or use the map above. Once you have chosen a clinic please contact them through our email system or toll free number, and they may answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment.

Preventive Scan & Screening

Heart Scans, Body Scans, Lung Scans and Virtual Colonoscopy Scans are used for heart disease screening and cancer screening. In medicine, "screening" means looking for a medical condition in a person showing no symptoms in the hope of identifying problems early, when treatment can be most effective.

There are many screening tests that look for different abnormalities. For example, a very popular screening test for women is the mammogram. Most mammograms are done on women who do not have a lump in the breast or other evidence of breast cancer; it is done as a preventive measure in hopes of catching breast cancer at an early stage. The Heart Scan, Lung Scan, Body Scan and Virtual Colonoscopy scan are based on the same theory...early detection.

Body Scan Information

The "Body Scan" is used for the early detection of heart disease, tumors and other abnormalities throughout the torso. Unlike the heart scan which focuses on the heart, the body scan also "screens" for other abnormalities such as tumors. If cancer is detected early, before a person is showing symptoms, treatment may be effective. However, at this time the FDA knows of no data demonstrating that full body CT screening is effective in detecting any particular disease early enough for the disease to be managed, treated, or cured and advantageously spare a person at least some of the detriment associated with serious illness or premature death.

Virtual Colonoscopy Intro

What is Virtual Colonoscopy?

In the last decade, Virtual Colonoscopy has become a newer radiological tool that can help screen the colon/rectum for any masses. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can screen for the presence of polyps in the colon and rectum before the presence of any symptoms. Polyps are small balloon-like masses which can become cancerous over time. Virtual colonoscopy integrates a CT scan and computer technology to look inside the body and create 3D images of the entire colon. It does not require the use of barium to be placed inside the colon. The screening of the colon for polyps with Virtual Colonoscopy allows for treatment to be taken at a much earlier stage so that the disease can be cured or prevented.

Unlike the regular colonoscopy, Virtual Colonoscopy does not involve the use of any scopes, sedation, recovery time or even a referral from your doctor. The procedure is performed by a radiologist using a multi -slice CT scan and takes about 15-20 minutes. With the newer generation of CT scans, the procedure can be completed in less than 2 minutes. The CT scan can generate 3D images which can be reconstructed to image the entire colon and rectum.

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While the annual physical is still important, the Virtual Physical'sTM early detection capability can uncover asymptomatic and often life-threatening diseases generally not detectable by physical exam or standard screening tests. This allows the management of disease in early stages, where medical therapy and treatment options are typically less costly, less invasive and more effective

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Virtual Colonoscopy Scan

Virtual Colonoscopy scans are also used for cancer screening, except they "screen" for colon and rectal cancers. Screening is more useful for people who are high risk; including people with a history of heart disease, cancer, exposure to hazardous chemicals, high stress lifestyles, obesity, etc. The knowledge gained from your scan may be a guide to better health, and empower you to make plans for a healthier life.

Who should get Virtual Colonoscopy?

Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. Colon cancer can be prevented if polyps are discovered and removed early. Virtual Colonoscopy allows for early detection of polyps and cancers. Virtual colonoscopy is recommended for men and women over the ages of 40-45 with a family history of colorectal cancer, and for all individuals over age 50 regardless of the presence of any risk factors. This procedure is ideal for those individuals who have had an incomplete or unsuccessful colonoscopy or who cannot endure the conventional method.

What is the preparation for a Virtual Colonoscopy?

This procedure requires oral preparations to clear and empty the colon and rectum of stool. The colon preparation requires a liquid diet for 48 hrs and laxative for 24 hours prior to the scan. All patients are supposed to refrain from eating the night before the test. Today, there are standardized bowel preparation packages for home use which are usually given by the radiologist.

How does Virtual Colonoscopy work?

Virtual Colonoscopy is always performed in a radiology suite using a CT scan. Once you arrive at the suite, you will be asked to change into a gown and lie down on a table. A small plastic tube will be inserted into the rectum and air will be pumped into the colon. Following this a set of images will be obtained while you are lying on your back. Following this, the air from the colon is allowed to escape and you will be asked to lie down on your stomach and images will be obtained again. Each time the images are obtained, you will be asked to hold your breath for a few second to prevent any motion artifacts. After the procedure, all the air is removed from the colon.

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